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Dancing With Lies: A Billionaire Best Friend's Brother Contemporary Romance (Barre To Bar #1)

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Enjoy this FREE steamy CEO billionaire series starter by USA Today Bestselling dark contemporary  romance author Summer Cooper!

In a world where everyone believed Chloe to be lost forever, there was one person who refused to let go—Lincoln, her best friend’s brother. 

Now, a decade later, as a triumphant tech billionaire, he stumbles upon a woman–a striper–who bears an uncanny resemblance to her. Yet, this woman–once an innocent ballet dancer–no longer responds to the name he once knew her by. She is a shadow of her former self, haunted by the past, and desperately yearning to evade discovery.

As the memories flood back, the billionaire's heart skips a beat, transported to that unforgettable night. The night of the fire, the night her parents died, the night she was supposed to die with them and the night they shared together. Now, fate has reunited them under circumstances more extraordinary than any dream.

Lincoln finds himself torn between the relentless pursuit of truth and the delicate boundaries of her shattered existence. Can he rekindle the flame that once burned between them? Will he unlock the secrets that lie beneath her fragile facade?

Step into the hidden world of a billionaire and a sultry stripper as their worlds collide in a tale of love, loss and redemption. 

This smokin’ hot book is perfect for fans of Fifty Shades, Roxy Sloane, TL Swan, Sierra Rose and Ava Gray.  

Reading order:
Book 1: Dancing With Lies
Book 2: Dancing With Temptation
Book 3: Dancing With Doubt
Book 4: Dancing With Guilt
Book 5: Dancing With Redemption

This is an adult only steamy contemporary romance, appealing to readers who love fated mates, billionaire romance, best friend's brother and sizzling hot romances with a twist.
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