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The Ultimate Actuarial Joke Book EBOOK

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What do you call an actuary with a sense of humour?
An outlier.

From the author of Confessions of an Actuarial Tutor comes this collection of more than 670 jokes that only actuaries will find funny
(though probably only because they have such low standards for humour).

Contains the very best classic actuarial jokes, such as:

How can you spot an extroverted actuary at a party?
He’s the one staring at someone else’s shoes.

As well as stacks of new jokes created especially for this book, such as:

Why was the actuarial vampire fired?
Because she was afraid of the stakeholders.

With jokes covering actuaries and their (lack of) personality and social life. Along with jokes on pensions, insurance, finance, mortality, statistics, Excel and even accountants. By the Law of Averages, you’re sure to find something that will eventually make you almost laugh.
You will get a EPUB (5MB) file
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