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The Roost's 2019 Rice Football Season Preview

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2020 edition available July 7
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The Roost is the leading news source for Rice Athletics and we've embarked on our largest endeavor yet, a 2019 Rice Football Season Preview. We’ve talked with people in the know, both inside and outside of the program to gather the most complete picture of what the team will look like this season. Then we went a step further, providing insight and analysis on every opponent Rice will play this season as well as each of Conference USA's 14 teams. If you're interested in Rice Football, here's your one-stop shop.

What can I expect?

  • 143 pages
  • Well-researched, thorough analysis
  • Insight on all 102 Rice players
  • Position profiles with depth chart projections
  • Deep dives on every Rice opponent and all 14 CUSA teams supported by plugged-in local experts
  • Computer, mobile and tablet-accessible

Why the open-ended price?

The Roost is a privately funded business and we cover all of our own costs. If you've been following us for some time or have recently started, please consider a gift beyond the asking price to help us continue to grow the site and increase our contributions in the months ahead. Note *A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Rice Athletics*


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