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Workload Management for Headteachers

Get on top of things with your own personalised system

Are you sick of spinning plates?

Do you lose sleep worrying about tasks you haven't done?

Would you like to feel a greater sense of achievement at the end of a working day?

Maybe you're frustrated with the amount of time you spend in your office and want to do more of the things that bring you joy.

The massive size of the headteacher workload requires a systematic approach. Anything else just leaves you floundering.

In this online tool, I'll walk you through the steps to creating a system that's personalised to you and your context, covering areas such as: setting boundaries, reducing distractions, taking control of your emails & delegating effectively. It's a 'belt and braces' approach that gets you organised and helps you to feel on top of things, allowing you to switch off and relax when you want to.

I'm a coach and a former headteacher - I can help!

As a headteacher, I did lots of research into productivity strategies and devised a system for myself that really transformed my relationship to my job. Now I'm a coach and I help other heads develop these strategies to really get on top of their massive workloads and improve their work life harmony.

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In this video I explain what the tool is all about

Course curriculum

Comments from clients

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I'm feeling more confident due to better organisational skills.

— Jenny, Headteacher

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My working day is more productive.

— A, Head of School

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Mrs T helped tease out what I was really feeling and supported me to think and act practically. My journey of reflection has led me to protected weekends and family time. Being kind to myself has been a huge reflection point for me.

— Anita, Head of Primary

How does it work?

Through a series of short videos and printable PDFs, I walk you through some simple steps to setting up your own workload management system. I explain how you can use a simple notebook, electronic resources like Outlook or productivity apps like Todoist as the backbone of your system. You make choices as we go along so that your system is personalised to you.

I'll share practical strategies to strengthen your delegation skills, reduce procrastination and distraction and keep your emails in check.

I'll talk you through some of the common pitfalls and problems, and give you tips and ideas so that you can really embed your system and develop new habits.

By investing a couple of hours in working through the tool, you'll have a system you can rely on as your 'second brain'. Working in a systematic way will also enhance your impact as a leader.

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Helen Tarokh

I'm a leadership coach who was formerly a headteacher. I spent 17 years as a school leader, including 10 as a head. I hold an ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. I work mainly with school leaders across the UK and beyond.


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