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Learn how to do SEO that makes an impact, today.

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I'm developing an SEO course that dives into the strategic planning and tactical actions I use for improving website rankings and increasing website traffic from the search engines.

Early Access at A Low Cost

While the program development is in progress, you can sign up now for a low price and continue to access it as the program is developed later on and priced at the full rate.

Immediate Input on New Training Modules

If you sign up now, and you want insight into a particular SEO topic, simply let me know and I'll create that video training module next.

Get Your Questions Answered

Each training module allows for comments and interactions. Ask your questions as it relates to each training module and I'll either answer or update the training to include an answer.

What's Available Now?

The Course Curriculum below outlines the sections and specific training modules now available.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    High Impact Low Effort Optimizations
    • Titles, Headlines, & URLs Overview (4 min) - Added 6/22/23
    • Optimizing Title Tags (5 min) - Added 6/22/23
    • Optimizing URLs / Slugs (4 min) - Added 6/22/23
  • 2
    Low Impact, Low Effort Optimizations
    • Meta Descriptions (3 mins) - Added 6/22/23
  • 3
    Google Search Console
    • How To Discover Phrases That Are Working on Google Search Console (3 Minutes) - Added 6/30/2023

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