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The Dragon Duels: The Complete Series

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Enter The Dragon Duels and discover the complete action-packed urban fantasy series with dragons, death matches, and a slow-burn romantic subplot. 

Raine is used to living life on the edge, but when she's forced to participate in the deadly Dragon Duels, she learns the true meaning of that. 

After teaming up with her fellow contestant, Cobalt, she discovers that the world of the White Towers isn't as idyllic as she first thought it was. 

The Dragon Duels Boxed Set includes the complete Dragon Duels Trilogy (Stoking The Embers, Igniting The Coals, and Forging The Blaze) along with a standalone set in the same world (Escaping The Chains), and the prequel (Striking The Flint)
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Igniting The Coals (The Dragon Duels #2)


Escaping The Chains (A Dragon Duels Standalone)


Striking The Flint (A Dragon Duels Prequel)


Forging The Blaze (The Dragon Duels #3)


Stoking The Embers (The Dragon Duels #1)