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How To Flourish In Freelancing: 8 Steps To Long Term Success

"I find the instructor to be very intelligent, thoughtful, and sincere." - Ronald H.

What comes to mind when you hear the word "Freelancing"? For some, freelancing means financial freedom and flexibility of time. For others, the promise is not quite that simple. For most, this sought freedom seems to be an elusive vision never coming to fruition.

After eighteen months in, I faced numerous obstacles preventing my success as a freelancer. By overcoming each one, I learned how to structure my work so that I could not only survive, but flourish on this independent track. It was here when I realized eight vital goals that must be conquered and sustained to succeed as a freelancer.

The best way to make the most of your freelancing career is to better understand what to expect from the journey and how to prepare for it. Clear financial and personal goals give us an advantage and clarity when we move forward as freelancers.

This course will help prepare and empower you for the journey.

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About Path of the Freelancer: An Actionable Guide To Flourishing In Freelancing

Freelancing Is Difficult. Are You Ready For This Rewarding Challenge? After the shut down of his marketing firm, Jason Montoya unexpectedly had numerous business owners and non-profit leaders requesting his help to solve their organization's communication problems.

Facing numerous challenges as a new freelancer, he quickly integrated his business insights to move through the many familiar obstacles he faced. He then began sharing with other freelancers a framework of eight vital achievements that took him to a state of personal and vocational flourishing.

Behind the covers of Path Of The Freelancer, Jason dives into these mile markers, unveils a blueprint and shares personal stories to help guide and equip other freelancers in their difficult but rewarding journey.

Learn more about Path Of The Freelancer and access freelancing resources on the book's official website here...

You can dive into the book's concepts further by purchasing a copy of Path of the Freelancer on Amazon.

Explore additional freelancing articles on my blog here.

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About Jason Scott Montoya

Jason Scott Montoya grows small business owners, teams, and incomes around Atlanta, Georgia.

He also shares on his blog and podcast, stories and systems to live better and work smarter.

A follower of the WAY, the Truth, & the Life, Jason lives with his wife and five children.