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Finding His Love Mobi (for kindle)

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Finding His Love (Cherish Cove: The Wellston - Book 2)

I fell in love. She ghosted me.

I’m not going away, though. When I got sent to New York for spring break, I wasn’t thrilled. I know. Oh poor me. Thing is, I had other plans. Then I met Willa and everything I thought I knew about my life changed. My entire purpose for living became her.

But she disappeared—though not before telling me she had someone back home and this was a fling. I saw red. She’s mine and that’s that!

Only… My parents have debutantes waiting in the wings for me. A family like mine? You marry for power, not for love. I have until graduation to come to terms with “the plan.” Then I find Willa and everything changes again. I won’t be falling in line. I’ve already fallen for Willa. And that guy she had back home? He doesn’t exist. She just doesn’t believe long-distance relationships can ever work. How can I convince her we will survive, and we won’t ever be apart for long?

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