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Your Business by the Numbers - Complete Course

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Your Business by the Numbers will provide students with hands on experience in tracking sales, monitoring costs, and making a profit.  First, you will play an online interactive game called The Lemonade Stand Game.  You’ll learn how to create an excel spreadsheet to track costs and revenues.  You will learn basic business management calculations, and then apply them to a project to estimate a business budget for a company in the book publishing industry.  

Your Business by the Numbers will teach you how to set your price in such a way that you will know whether or not you will make money, and to test your price level by surveying your customers to be sure you are charging a reasonable price.

We hope you'll examine the FREE introduction. This course is the COMPLETE course.  We have links to Excel Spreadsheets that we've developed in playing The Lemonade Stand Game.  We'll help you think through what variables to collect to analyze your business - and then show you HOW to analyze a business (The Lemonade Stand).

This course has been developed by having real live students work through all the aspects that we discuss here.  Pull out your calculators.  Sharpen your pencils.  Let's learn how to run your business by the numbers!
You will get a PDF (2MB) file