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Hi, and welcome to my site. My name is Stephanie, and I am a mother, grandmother, and wife. Many years ago, I had to find a legitimate way to make money from home while raising my children. I had to find real work at home jobs! Failure simply was NOT an option!   


If you are sick-and-tired of searching the internet for legitimate work at home jobs, today is your day! What I am about to share with you is, unlike ANYTHING you have EVER SEEN.


How do I know?

Because I personally help you forever succeed in YOUR online career!


I remember what it was like having my dreams crushed. I remember trying this-or-that only to realize what I was doing was not working. I was not making enough money to support my large family working at home. THOSE days are LONG gone. I have not worked outside of my home in two decades NOR do I ever plan on it again!


I want to prevent YOU from every falling victim to an online work at home job scam again!


Within three months of posting ads on Facebook work at home groups, and I was spotted by Ally Loprete of “This Little Parent Stayed Home” and Mary Jane aka “MJ” of “FIITFU!” 

I have worked as a Freelance Writer, SEO Specialist, Web Designer, Product Descriptor Writer for LARGE Companies, Ghost Writer for VARIOUS books (doctors, lawyers, etc.,) Ghost Writer for websites of LARGE CORPORATIONS, Website Reviewer, Writer Manager, Magazine Manager, Editor, Proofreader, Blogger, Work-at-Home Coach, Author, etc.

I am featured on iHeartRadio with over 6 MILLION listeners LIVE, Amazon, USA Today (twice,) Yahoo New, Yahoo TV, Barnes & Noble, and HUNDREDS of MORE PLACES!


 I share with you jobs that are hiring RIGHT NOW! People JUST LIKE YOU!


·         None of the jobs I share with you requires you to have experience.



·         You can perform the jobs using a computer, cell phone, tablet, etc. YOU DO NOT NEED A COMPUTER to work at home!


What Type of Jobs Do I Share With You?


*Simple Data Entry

Many are INSTANT pay. Pay Varies.


*Smartphone ONLY Jobs

The jobs can ONLY be completed using a Smartphone.


*Telephone Jobs

VARIOUS telephone jobs such as customer service, at-home operators, and live reps for companies, etc.



*Chat Jobs

Simply chat with others via typing on your computer, and are paid for it!

*Virtual Assistant Jobs

Up to $16 per hour!



*Micro Jobs

Pay is instant after completion of the job.

Jobs can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

You can do as many, or as little of these micro jobs as you want!


*Book Reviewing Jobs

Read books, and get paid to review them.

FREE BOOKS FOR YOU TO KEEP PLUS up to $60 per review.


*Freelance Writing Jobs

Experienced and Non-Experienced!



*Website Reviewers

Vocally review websites up to $10 per 20-minute vocal review.

Paid once a week.


*Test Scoring Jobs

Up to $10 per hour!


*Editing Jobs/ Proofreading Jobs



*Internet Research Jobs

Up to $14 per hour.


*Online Tutoring Jobs

Up to $20 per hour!

*Art and Photography
* Clinical Trials
*Courthouse Researching
*On-Demand Jobs
*Search Engine Evaluators



How and When Paid:

I explain what each job pays in my work at home guide. I explain how you are paid. Some jobs pay INSTANT, while others pay daily, weekly or per project.


You are allowed to select how you wish to receive your payment such as PayPal, direct deposit, check by mail, and more.




As soon as you get my work at home guide I will approve you into my FREE Facebook support group.


·         I personally help you.

·         I coach, and teach you.

·         I share with you FREE, LEGIT jobs

·         I answer your questions.


YOU NEVER have to search to for legitimate online jobs again! For a limited time, I charge a TRUE one-time fee of $14.99 for my work at home guide, and access into my private Facebook group. 



I look forward to working with you,




 (You DO NOT need a PayPal. Simply Pretend You Do! On the Last PAGE, you will see other options! I look forward to working with you! A TRUE ONE-TIME fee of $14.99 for my E-Guide, and access into my private Facebook Support Group where I PERSONALLY HELP YOU SUCCEED.)



Kim: “I am amazed at Stephanies’ wealth of knowledge – especially when it comes to working from home and making a viable income to support a family. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have tried this or that “work at home and make money” scheme that has come across my path only to be broke (still) and extremely disappointed.

Stephanie has been down that road as well, and decided that she was going to step up and help other moms out there who were looking to be able to raise their family and stay at home while contributing to the household finances.”


Maggie: “Hey guys! I am new to this group & wanted to say hi! I just purchased Stephanie’s guide yesterday! I am excited. It seems like Stephanie has really equipped us with everything we need to go out there and make money!

I am a mother of 8, so staying home with my children is very important to me. I have my hands in different things, but truly like that these opportunities that Stephanie shares hers don’t require any recruiting or sales.

Thank you Stephanie for putting all of your experience together for us giving us the tool to be able to go out there and make money working from home scam-free! I am truly thankful I came across your site.”


Mary: “I just got hired for a job making $1,000. Granted this is for multiple articles, but from this one job I will make that much over time. The faster I work, the faster I get the money.”

So for those that are looking for reassurance. Keep at it, you will get there.”


Yarmo: “I want everyone to know that Stephanie is a kind hearted person. I am retired Law Enforcement do to a duty injury. I checked Stephanie out to see if she was legit, and she passed with flying colors. From testify law enforcement, there are three sides to a story. All you non-believers, Stephanie would not have been on the radio if she weren’t real and legit. If this wasn’t legit, I wouldn’t be here. “

Katie: “Stephanie is the real deal!”


Kimberly: “Just got upgraded to webcam tester!!!!”


Michelle: “Stephanie can help you make REAL MONEY! “


Amber: "The information Stephanie gives is great. I am working for some people already and only signed up two days. I am loving this. Thank you Stephanie."


Robert: "Just wanted to thank you for the awesome book! I’ve already started making money. Not much yet, but amazing potential. I’ve already made my money back!"


Stephen: "It’s true, got the book and am going through it. Everything she is saying in this post in there!"


Grace: "I am crying right now because I am grateful! This is my favorite face!"


Brittany: "From day 1 I started making money! I’ve tried many different things that claim that you can make money at home. This surpasses them all. This works! She lays out exactly what you need to do. She makes it so easy to get started the moment you are done reading!



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