The Adventures Of Tony The Deer

by Mamba Books & Publishing......Lafayette A. Johnson Jr.,Ph.D. in Creative Writing, Literature, and E

A bear tricks a deer named Tony into believing that he has gone. However, the Deer gets trapped in a cave with two hungry bears, but through his cleverness, perseverance and desire to live he manages to escape. This story inspires children to face challenges and to overcome obstacles in their path.

 “As a teaching story, the tale entertains, reinforces literacy and thinking skills, and sets the stage for deeper reflection on what led to the deer entrapment and what he had to do to escape. Mamba Media’s illustrations are suggestive of the layers of meaning contained in the story: Mamba Medias simple artistic portrayal  of The Adventures Of Tony The Deer are sure to delight young readers, and if they look closely they’ll find a second ‘story’ in the margins!”

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