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The Energetics Paranormal Romance Collection 1-3: Blaize and the Maven, Tierra and the Warrior, Nixie and the Healer (The Energetics Collection Book 1)

Meet The Twelve.

They don’t all know it yet, but they’re destined to work together to save their world from destruction - that’s if they can find their soulmate along the way.

At least, that’s what the prophecy says.

Join them to discover how their romantic journeys intertwine with intrigue and puzzles in a race to stop a hidden foe from killing as many of the Twelve as possible.

Three paranormal romances packed with suspense, magic and excitement.

Book 1 - Blaize and the Maven

An impulsive fire energetic must train with a reluctant Maven: her fire clashes with his calm - but both have secrets that may prove explosive.

Blaize, a bright but impulsive energetic, has been sent to Cuinn, an expert Maven, to be trained in the energies of Ajna, the mind.

She’s resistant. He’s reluctant. Her fire clashes with his normally calm life.

Then Blaize appears in a prophecy he’s trying to decipher, and the heat is really on.

But both are holding back potentially explosive secrets.

Will they trust each other before it's too late?

Book 2 - Tierra and the Warrior

Earth meets fire in this exciting friends-to-lovers romance, where Tierra and Fintan must untangle a dangerous prophecy - and their relationship.

Tierra, an experienced earth energetic who values safety and home, has been caught up in a dangerous prophecy. She’ll need to work with one of her best friends, Fintan, a fire Warrior who enjoys risk and battle, to help solve some of the mysteries of the prophecy.

She’s frightened, and he’s protective. But her skills and wisdom are crucial to their success. If she doesn’t step up – and he doesn’t let her – they’ll never succeed.

Can she handle being front and centre in the conflict, and the change in her feelings for Fintan?

Book 3 - Nixie and the Healer

Opposites attract when a wild water energetic must work with an experienced but damaged air energetic to save their friend from being destroyed by a mysterious illness.

Nixie likes fun, creating art, and sex. When her cousin - the reliable one of them - needs Nixie to help prevent a world-ending prophecy becoming a reality, she just wants to flee.

Serious and scholarly Jeb can’t leave his Guild, where he’s been for decades, trying to contain the devastating half of his powers.

When a friend gets sick with a sinister illness, they’re both going to find a way to step up, however reluctantly.

But if their opposite natures combine, will they balance each other out - or destroy each other?

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