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ZYTO Compass 5.0 (no monthly commitment)

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ZYTO Compass 5.0
The Zyto Compass lets your body communicate to you - its priority preferences for essential oils and essential oil based whole food supplements. The Zyto Compass "scans" your body, recording a baseline of 76 bio-markers representing vital cellular body functions such as nervous system, metabolism, etc.

$199 + $39.95/month (no monthly commitment (120 Biomarkers, includes details and pictures of products)

ZYTO Compass 5.0 with 12 month contract


ZYTO Balance 5.0 Upgrade (for those who already have the Compass)


*New ZYTO Insights Remote Scan including Food with your phone or computer


*Convention Bundle (Available until July 1, 2021)

On Sale

*New Insights Monthly Use Fee


*New Insights FOOD w/Monthly Use Fee $17.99 (must own Insights)


ZYTO Insights *NEW Remote Scan (I'll send you the link in your email to scan anywhere anytime)


**Balance 5.0 *Tina's Favorite