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Do you want better health, more inner peace, less stress?

What about a healthy body paired with unwavering self love?

What about feeling your best and looking your best??

Then you need my Guided Meditation Bundle!

Included guided meditations and hypnosis audios for all the above:

Stress Reduction Mediation 
Inner Peace Meditation 
Motivated Morning Meditation 
​Guided Meditation For Weight Loss 
​Evening Relaxation Guided Meditation 
Guided ​Gratitude Meditation 
​Guided Healing Healthy Body Meditation 
​Finding Motivation Guided Meditation 
​Positive Mindset Guided Meditation 
​Self Love Guided Meditation 
​Let Go, Acceptance, Mindfulness, Release Negative Energy Meditation 
​Manifest Your Desires Guided Meditation 
​Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind Guided Meditation 
​​Visualization Meditation for Healthy Weight Loss
You will get a ZIP (157MB) file
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