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With a value of more than $500, this Author's Toolkit includes ALL the tools and resources you need to get your book done. This toolkit is perfect for the first time DIY author on a tight budget.

The top two reasons that future authors face are, one, they don’t know the process of becoming an author and two, they are operating on a tight budget. I have taken these two things into consideration to create the ultimate author’s toolkit so that you, my dear, can finally get your book DONE!

So what's included?

THE AUTHOR’S CHECKLIST - Valued at $19.99

This is the golden tool of this kit and includes the 127 steps to becoming a self-published author. It also includes a 12-week planner to help get you to the finish line in 12 weeks.


Before you even write a word or even your outline, you need clarity. The clarity workshop is a pre-recording of a LIVE online workshop and includes a worksheet to help you get the clarity you need.


Your book outline is critical to your writing process. But scribbling down some notes on a piece of paper is NOT an outline. As a ghostwriter, there is a content mapping and book outline process that I use for all projects, including mine. In the author’s blueprint, I teach this process and offer a comprehensive workbook so that you can map out your content and create an outline for writing success.


Formatting can be such a big headache and hiring professionals can set you back hundreds of dollars. This template will make your life easy and will give your manuscript a professional look.

PUBLISH WITH KDP - Valued at $19.99

By far one of the largest online self-publishing platform, KDP is owned by Amazon and offer expanded distribution to Barnes and Nobles, libraries, and books store. In this instructional video I walk you step by step through the process of uploading, proofing, and publishing your book on KDP.

BOOK LAUNCH CHECKLIST - Valued at $19.99

A successful launch is critical to the future of your book. I have compiled the things you need to do to plan and execute your book launch.

LIVE MONTHLY Q&A - Valued at $500+

I am super excited to offer this support in your kit. For 2019, join me LIVE for monthly Q&A sessions. You can get your questions answered as you work on your book project.

After purchase, you will get access to a PDF with all the links to the tools in this toolkit. Meeting details for the monthly Q&As will be emailed to you.
You will get a PDF (353KB) file