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TreehouseDAO Microgrant

Invest in Regenerative Publishing with a Small, yet Meaningful Donation.

This microgrant supports publishing of the illustrated book: "How To Build A Regenerative Village".

"How To Build A Regenerative Village" encourages the transition towards a regenerative way of living, both as individuals and as an interconnected network of beings on a planetary scale.

The 174 page illustrated book, weaves together lineages of wisdom and practical experience from a worldwide tribe of regenerative village builders - serving as an emergent base of knowledge, as well as actionable blueprint.

What does this Microgrant fund exactly

The 174-pages version 0.9 is already being distributed in regenerative villages, co-working hubs around the world.

The next step is to get the book ready for print. This microgrant funds the work required to bring the book to version 1.0.

This includes:

  • Adding actionable mini-challenges for pages to facilitate learning by doing
  • Editing & proof reading
  • Layout for print

If the funds received allow, we'd like to print 500 copies (better quality for less cost, but requires investment up front). Alternatively, we'll make the book available via a print-on-demand service.

Choose the size of your grant

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Each investor will receive a copy of the printed book (when the process is completed), and a hand-made gift from the authors.

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