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The Psychodynamic Workbook

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The Psychodynamic Workbook helps bring clarity to an otherwise confusing world of mental health symptoms, feelings, anxiety, and the ways in which we avoid our own internal emotional life.

Spanning 100 pages, 34 worksheets, detailed descriptions, and clinical examples from simulated therapist and patient conversations, readers will learn:

  • what types of defenses they might use
  • what anxiety is, how it is experienced, and how it interacts with defenses and emotions
  • what emotions are
  • how to sort out an internal problem from an external one
  • how experiences with people now, and our experiences in therapy, relate to people from our past

While not a substitute for actual mental health treatment, this workbook will allow you to look into your unconscious in new ways, providing insight, curiosity, the unexpected revelation or two, and new perspective on what makes

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