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It Starts With I Affirmations & Intentions (Pre-Sell) E-book Bundle

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Affirmations To Achieve The Life You Want And Deserve

This book aims to motivate you to regard your well-being and happiness. It is not just about “HOW you can do it," but it also discusses "WHY you need to do it” by summarizing the central theme simply and straightforwardly. This book also discloses how specific actions may positively affect how you look smart, feel great, live wealthier and earn more.

Read “It Starts with I” and leave your impact world widely.

By applying all the author's strategies and experiences, your creativity will able you to create a lifestyle for you to leave a legacy for your family. At the end of this, you will find the ways to turn your skills into business and practice to solve all your concerns.

After reading this practical book, you will able to:

Overcome all your obstacles.
Accept only the best of everything.
Become a creator of your outcomes.
Build attitudes that will build your character and mindset.
It is now time for personal development. With this genuine book, you would no longer feel helpless because it contains all you need. More importantly, the author Antoinette Logan has outlined her lifelong strategy and experiences in clear guidelines to help you affirm yourself what you what to be than you ever thought possible.

You will receive a downloadable E-book of the Affirmations book.

You will receive the downloadable ebook for the Intentions book when it is released directly from the publisher. The email you use for this purchase will be added to the presell purchaser list and from there you will be contacted.

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You will get a PDF (27MB) file
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