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British and Irish Folk Songs selected and arranged for ocarina

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The music in this book has been chosen to give a broad cross-section of British and Irish folk traditions, all arranged for ocarina. You will find 35 songs from all parts of Great Britain and Ireland, some very well known and some less so, covering a wide range of styles and subjects: love songs, lullabies, songs about war, betrayal and death, and so forth. Every song represents a reality of daily life for our ancestors. The one common factor in this collection is that they all fit within the range of the ocarina.

This book is suitable for all pendant, transverse or inline ocarinas that can play a full scale. Ocarinas with 4 holes can play at least twelve of these songs; ocarinas with 6 or 10 holes can play most of them; and ocarinas with 12 holes can play all of the arrangements. The tunes can also be played on almost any other treble-clef instrument, and are presented with lyrics and chord symbols for accompaniment on guitar or ukulele.
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