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Fluffykins (double pack)

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Terms of use

You may:

1} Modify the base any way you like.

2} Add to the base

3} Sell the modify versions as adoptables, pre-made chibis/dolls

4} Offer customized dolls using this base

5} Ask another artist to customize the base for your PERSONAL use.

6} Collaborate with another artist and sell the customized,pre-made base.

(but you CANNOT HAVE SEPARATE DOLLS. Each artist must buy a doll or you pay for two dolls if you wish to sell on your own)

7} Buy the base as a gift to an artist you love.

8} Modify the base, add things to it and create a coloring page.

9} Buy the right to be able to have the base customized by an artist for you AND a friend.

10} Give away your art once customized (I.e. Here's a pretty dolly! I love you!)

You may NOT:

1} Sell the base AS IS.

2} Modify the base and sell it as a base.

3} Duplicate the file (As in you’re using it and so is someone else) and allow another artist to sell the base in any way, shape or form.

(You bought it, it is YOURS. The only exception is buying it as a gift or buying rights.)
2000x2000 psd

Thank you for purchasing! If you have any questions PLEASE contact me at


Nocturnia Designs Via Facebook

You will get the following files:
  • TXT (1KB)
  • PSD (2MB)

Fluffykins (The human)


Fluffykins (The cow)


I love Teddy-Line art


Sassy- Chibi Base


Wonder-Chibi Base


Cute Doll Base {Lineart Only}


I love Teddy-Base


Cute Doll Base {Layers&Png;}


Dollie-Doll line Art


Your Gift~ Line Art Doll Base