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Hunger Pangs: True Love Bites, Fluff & Fangs Audiobook Edition

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In a world of dwindling hope, love has never mattered more…

Injured in a seemingly pointless war, Captain Nathan J. Northland returns home to Lorehaven to an uncertain future. He doesn’t know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t being posted on an island full of vampires. An island whose local vampire dandy lord causes Nathan to feel strange things he’d never felt before.

Feelings about fangs.

When Viscount Vlad Blutstein agreed to hire Nathan as Captain of the Eyrie Guard, he hadn’t been sure what to expect either. It certainly hadn’t been to fall in love with a disabled werewolf. A werewolf who treats him with respect. Kindness. More kindness than Vlad feels he deserves. Vlad has fallen and fallen hard, and that’s the problem.

There’s a storm coming.

Torn by their allegiances—to family, to duty, and the age-old enmity between vampires and werewolves—Vlad and Nathan find themselves in a difficult situation: to love where the heart wants or to follow where expectation demands. The situation is complicated further when a mysterious and beguiling figure known only as Lady Ursula crashes into their lives, bringing with her dark omens of death, doom, and destruction in her wake. One thing is for certain, nothing will ever be the same.

Fluff and Fangs Audiobook Edition: Full romance, lots of kissing, and fade-to-black scenes for those who like a little more fluff with their fangs. For more info, check out

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