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Speech of General George S. Patton Jr. to His Third Army on the Eve of the Normandy Invasion: Somewhere in England, June 1944

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by Dr. Charles E. Dornbusch, 11 November 1963, 14 pages, 1 photo. A small booklet published by Dr. Charles Dornbusch in the early 1960s recounts the circumstances and the speech given by Patton at one of his visits to Corps troops before the invasion of Normandy. This is the famous "There is one thing you will all be able to say when you go home … when you are sitting around the fireside with your brat on your knee, and he asks you what you did in the Great War II, you don't have to say 'I shoveled s--t'." The speech is provided in all its glory, vulgarisms and all, along with commentary as to the reactions of the audience by an unidentified reporter. A Merriam Press Military Archives PDF file. FREE
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