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LARP LAB Historical Reference: 1910 Label catalogue

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Grinning Skull Design Studios brings you another in their Historical Reference & LARP LAB series, this time with the 1910 Lawson & Jones Label catalogue.

Collated with the Historical gamer in mind to add much more WW1 flavour to your historical
themed games. this publication contains the full original 1910 contents. This printable publication is ideal for any RPGs or LARP games with an early 20th Century theme, and includes lots and lots of bottle, box, container and pharmacy labels or stickers you could ever want.

This printable catalogue is ideal for adding authenticity to your LARP or RPG games, budget movie and theatre props, bespoke gifts and more, only limited by your imagination!

It can be used as a reference, game aid or prop, and is presented in it's original form for full authenticity.
You will get a PDF (72MB) file

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