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The True & Preposterous Journey of Half-a-Fool

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You are Half-a-Fool, the famous fairy tale protagonist, a young person more lucky than wise.

In the Boondoggle Hob’s Circus Astounding, the traveling circus under the Hollow Hills, you will one day be an animal tamer and a clown, a worker and a good luck charm, always there to notice something awkward or misplace a tool — but not now. Not tonight.

Now, tonight, you have wandered away from your friends and family and become lost on May Eve.

May Eve, when lovers slip away and find one another in the fields and the forest groves, when the ancient pulse of the earth quickens after its winter sleep, when foxes hunt and also things less canny, old things, true things, things that will grind your bones for bread or make you love them.

At the end of your journey is the Circus Astounding. How far must you walk, through what dangers and escapades, to get there?

The True & Preposterous Journey of Half-a-Fool
A Role-playing Game by Meguey & Vincent Baker
for 1 player & 2 volunteers

This game was created for #Folklorejam 2019!
You will get a PDF (520KB) file
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