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Justice eBook (Rogue Robot Book 3)

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Justice eBook (Rogue Robot Book 3)
Three respected justices are dying…

…but they could be immortal.

Would they become pawns for the evil Heragi Empire?

Gabe wasn’t an ordinary robot and it knew the process of uploading consciousness had a flaw. If not careful, a simple piece of code could turn the Galactic Supreme Court Justices into little more than puppets.

It would make the Heragi unstoppable.

Ameribot Industries has won the contract to build the justices’ new robot bodies. Gabe and the team don’t have proof the rogue code exists.

How do you find something that may not be there?

They must be sure.

Do the justices know the risks?

The fate of the galaxy rested on the shoulder of a robot with heart and the clock was ticking. Do they have time to uncover the truth?

You’ll love the characters in this sci-fi robot adventure story, because everyone likes a rebel, an underdog, and a rogue robot with heart fighting against evil.

This series should be read in order for best enjoyment.

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Rogue Robot - Reading Order: 
Book 1: Rogue
Book 2: Cybs
Book 3: Justice
Book 4: Harmonix
Book 5: Trinity
Book 6: Coda

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