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When the Last Straw Falls: 30 Ways to Keep Stress from Breaking Your Back PRINT VERSION

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The last straw is falling. It may not have landed yet. In fact, you may not be feeling that stressed or overwhelmed at all right now. But life is like that: just as we get used to living with a level of stress that is manageable, all of a sudden things can heat up without warning. The straw is falling. Somewhere, sometime, perhaps when you least expect it, it will land on you. Are you ready for it? 

This book is designed to provide you with one new strategy for dealing with stress, 30 in total. Learn to improve communication skills, let go of the urgent in favour of the important, re-kindle joy and passion in your life, develop an attitude of gratitude, quit bad habits, release the past, and more!

"Julie's positive attitude is contagious, and she has the gift of imparting complex concepts in simple, digestive terms. I highly recommend her Stress Busters course!" - Dorothy G.
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