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Anthonia LLWC Caught in the Act While Taking a Test with Extreme Foot Play (HD 1920 X 1080)

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This clip is a blast from the past that we realized we never posted featuring lovely Anthonia, Jessica and Jade. Two girls come in to take a secretarial exam for their interview and when Anthonia gimps in, the monitor immediately notices her long pretty toes sticking out of her full leg cast. The two girls take their seats and Anthonia's casted toes jut out of the bottom of the desk further tantalizing the test monitor. As the exam proceeds the monitor continues to keep her attention on poor Anthonia, who didn't expect the extra scrutiny. She did not study and is instead relying on crib notes she's stuffed in her cast! The monitor notices her doing something with the top of her cast, and visibly upset, orders Anthonia to put her casted leg up where she can see it. What she really wants to see is those cute wiggling toes. Once again though Anthonia needs to refer to her crib notes and while the monitor looks looks like she is distracted, she is not and once again Anthonia is caught. This time the punishment is more severe. Anthonia has given the monitor the excuse she needs to play with her casted foot. She jams her fingers down Anthonia's cast from the opening at the bottom of her bare sole and tickles her vulnerable toes in an effort to get Anthonia to give up all the notes she jammed into her cast. Anthonia is very ticklish and immediately reacts shaking her good foot in front of her as if that will relieve her exposed cast foot being tickled. When the monitor finishes with her foot she is completely embarrassed in front of her friend who was not cheating.  As they both get up to leave the monitor asks Anthonia to stay with her casted foot up on the desk, held down by the monitor. As her friend leaves and starts to close the door behind her, we see a worried Anthonia wondering what this woman will be doing with her bare casted foot when the two are alone with the door closed....

TIME: 9 Mins
SIZE: 654 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
DATE: 09/18/22

You will get a MP4 (654MB) file

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