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The 7-Step FrameWork We Use To Consistently Launch Best-Selling Products On Amazon

If you are just starting out or are looking for a new way to build an online business, this guide will outline how to rapidly build a consistent, ever-growing monthly income by selling your own products on Amazon.

At first it may sound complicated, but it’s actually very simple. You don’t need to design the product yourself, you simply find a product that’s already selling well and “white label” it with your own brand.

Then Amazon does all the heavy lifting of bringing traffic to you and because they’re such a trusted shopping network, that traffic converts extremely well. On top of everything, all the product fulfillment is done for you by Amazon as well as 99% of the customer service.

  • If you have a current online business (outside of eCommerce), you can use this to build an additional income stream (if you want to do something SEPARATE from your current online business).
  • If you’re already selling physical products, you can use the power- packed strategies we’ll talk about here to boost your revenue and profits.
You’ll also discover the ‘secret weapon’ we’ve developed that automates many of the critical processes, saving us hundreds of hours each month and allowing us to focus on activities that make more sales!
This guide is specifically about developing and selling your own line of products. Selling other people’s products wholesale is a great way to start, but ultimately you want your own products and your own brands.

Having your own product brand is a great feeling. You are in control and you own the asset (if you own the asset, you can sell it).

Creating your own branded products and selling them on Amazon is something that people have been doing (and teaching) for a few years.

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