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Botera is a Typographic Project based in the environment of Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real, Spain) and its wine heritage. Enology and typography speak the language of finesse. Both of them understand time in the same way: the owner of qualities related to knowledge of tradition and new influences.
Bringing together the heritage and the flavors, aromas, contrast, and power that make so recognizable the wines of this area. Reading texts in Botera type, we do not only use a font, but we give to the user an original heritage of a region consistent with its roots. We think Botera is a typographical project that is born in this particular place, Valdepeñas, and according to its wine heritage.
As we like to say, enology and typography speak the same language and for that reason, they are not so distant and have comprehension between both. Botera is like wine, we can use it every day or keep it for special moments. It is the safeguard of the characteristics of these wines, able to show us the knowledge of tradition and new contributions.
Botera® is the result of the Final Project of Studies of Graphic Design realized by Javi Montoya.


  • Ètapes: Diplômes
  • ADG Laus Award
  • Behance Graphic Design featured


You can:
  • Use this typography in your personal works.
  • Use this typography in commercial works.
You can't:
  • Sell this typography without permission.
  • Redistribute this typography in other ways or different websites (except if you have the author's permission).
  • Modify this typography and its diffusion.
  • Create derivative works based on this source.

What's included?

  • Two weights Regular and Stencil style are included.
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