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Kelly SLWC with Toe Spica (Term) Gimping in The Mall and Wet Casted Toes (HD 1920 X 1080)

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Kelly doesn't let a term cast and the fact that a clumsy guy on the metro is responsible for her recent toe spica addition. She bravely puts on a single heel and despite her difficulty walking the clip opens up with Kelly and her friends to window shopping at the mall while she gimps along. They check out a bunch of stores while you get to check out her cute casted toes (closeups) until she finally needs top rest. They find a bench, and all is going well while they gossip until one of her BFF's drops her coffee all over Kelly's toe spica and exposed toes. Her friend quickly tries to clean up the mess but the coffee stain on her cast seems like it’s here to stay. The friends decide to leave the mall and Kelly has to deal with a long staircase in a single heel and cast to get out of the mall. Very cute mall shopping clip with lots of gimping as well as closeup shots of Kelly's very cute toes.

LENGTH: 12 Mins
SIZE: 773 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
DATE: 01/24/23

You will get a MP4 (839MB) file

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