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How to Develop a Curriculum

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This book is detailed scientific approach to grappling and BJJ gym sessions planning.

The author's focus is on simple explanation and understanding of how annual programing works, the importance of setting a roadmap for the students and practical efficiency of operating with gym curriculum, for dojo or franchise owners, coaches and team leaders.

- Want to know how to professionally program your training for a competition, entire year or in Olympics cycles?

- Need to set standards of progress for your new student to follow in the next few years?

- Looking to improve performance, while staying injury free?
- Want to make sure your affiliated gyms are up to date with your program?

This book is a guide of how to set and achieve long and short term goals for your grapplers.
Here is a simple and proven over time, effective method to create a proper curriculum for your gym.

Easy to understand and customize for any gym, franchise owner, coach or team leader.

You will get a PDF (739KB) file
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