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Ellie's Fate (Love and Friendship Book 3)

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What would you do if Fate gave you a second chance at life? Would you learn from your past mistakes and take it as an opportunity to correct all wrongs?

Fate has given Ellie another chance. The question remains... Would it be worthwhile?

My whole life shifted when Ellie died.
Eleanor James. Ellie. My best friend.
She was someone I knew better than even myself... or so I thought.
Ellie’s life was cut short. Ravaged by her addiction to drugs, and perhaps, also by her addiction to fame.
Her death felt like a waking nightmare. I wish it was something I could wake up from, but I couldn’t escape it.
Not even when I tried.
Lachesis, one of the three fates, said there was a way to save Ellie. Out of the three conditions she set, I am only one part of that puzzle.
For her tragic life to turn around, Ellie would need my support. But she would also need to feel her parent’s love, and be reunited with her true love.
I don’t even know who that person is.
Ellie has one last chance at life.
How could all of this be done in a single lifetime, when it wasn’t possible in a thousand?
Will I see her die again? Or will the fates align to give Ellie a future less grim than the ones I witnessed?
I don’t know all the secrets she kept from me.
I won’t remember much of our past lives.
Can I even save my best friend? Or is it too much to hope?
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