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Rise of the Shadowcouncil

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Love drives her. Magic fuels her. But vengeance always has a price.

To save Ahrin Vensis, Lira Astor has agreed to take control of the Mage Council and use that power to subdue the kingdoms on behalf of Lucinda and the Seven. She must succeed where her grandfather—a vastly more powerful mage—failed twice. And to do that, she will have to face down Alyx Egalion, the woman who destroyed the Darkmage.

Lira is no fool. Lucinda is the most daunting adversary she’s ever faced, and the task before her seems impossible. But Lira is determined to win this time. To succeed, she’s going to have to pull off a con of epic proportions, and all without the help of her Darkhand. But Lira has learned. She has allies now. Friends even.

Lira Astor doesn’t give up. And she doesn’t lie down. She’s going to beat them all.

Or she’s going to die trying.

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