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This book is a collection of my best publications old and new on projects made with the Arduino UNO board or with the Arduino IDE programming tool:

Astronomical Clock: This is a clock and calendar, also we can see on the TFT screen the astronomical data of the Moon in real time, making use of the DS3231 clock module.

RF Remote Control: This project shows us how we control a "Micro Robot Car" by mean of using a RF Remote Control, and a magnetic control (Infineon 3D Magnetic Sensor 2Go).

Three LED´s Lightness Control with Android Studio: In an android application we are going to control the lighting of three LEDs by means of sliding bars. An application of this project is the control of the lighting of a house. 

Automation Home with Arduino UNO: this project is an example of a smart home prototype developed with Arduino UNO and App Inventor 2. We will be using a conventional Smartphone. The modules used are: HC-05 Bluetooth, PIR Motion Sensor, DHT11 Humidity Sensor, MQ2 Gas Sensor, LDR Light Detection Sensor, Servo, Fan and LED. 

Weather Station with Arduino UNO: here I show you three examples of weather stations, the most important is the third, where the data sampled by the Humidity and Barometric Pressure sensors are captured and sent to the NOKIA LCD screen and to the serial port, later these data are graphically displayed on the computer through an application made with Visual Basic 6. The application is also programmed to save the data in a database made with SQL Server.

IoT Aquarium Monitoring: In this project I demonstrate that it's possible to use our technologies to monitor and protect life in water, aquariums, rivers, lagoons and seas. I've used the following technologies: Amazon Web Services, Soracom Air Global IoT SIM, and Seeed Wio LTE US version 4G, which is an Arduino and Grove compatible development board.
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