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Climbing Workouts Bundle - Premium Collection

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Climbing Workouts premium collection is the result of years of research observing how the best climbers in the world train and adapting that knowledge so motivated climbers like you can improve systematically and quickly. This bundle will show you over 55 training programs that are fully customizable and adaptable to your resources, space and schedules. The collection includes:

-For desktop, mobile, kindle and paper
-5  Specialized Training manuals
-Step by step methods
-50+ training programs
-Workout Sheet & Exercises
-Essential Training Charts
-Session Card and Worksheet
-Session Trackers
-Goals setting
-Training Tips
-Diet Planner
-Tool Reviews
-Custom Training Resource
-Climbing Routines
-Session sheets.
-How to make a training diary
-Diet and Nutrition
-Illustrated Drills
-Mental Conditioning


Climbing Workouts - Essential Training

A training foundation to improve technical strength, stamina and endurance. Climbing Workouts eTrainer guide allows you to track your climbing performance and make a contract with yourself towards achieving goals in this sport. Climbing Workouts Essential Training includes over 30 training drills that will keep you going for a full year and more.


Progressive Training for Climbing Performance

Progressive training for climbing performance employs a decade of knowledge extracting the key training tips from the best climbers, mixing them all together in the ideal dosage for the average climber who wants to push grades. This program is a complete collection of methods, exercises, trackers, plans and routines that ensure physical safety, conditioning and skill development. Based in sports nutrition, psychology and training science, this manual is one of those valuable pieces of complete information that will help you direct your energy towards improvement.

Mastering the Fingerboard

Mastering the fingerboard focuses on a 1 week program that contains all the elements of training required to improve your finger strength and develop the finger power you need so you are not limited from accomplishing more challenging climbs.

Animal Instinct Training

This climbing workout manual includes a selection of useful information for you to assemble and execute your climbing sessions. The systems employed are based in biology research about animal responsiveness to training.  

Systematic Movement Training

Systematic Movement Training (SMT) is a 12 day program fully described with all what you need to push your climbing to the next level. A program that will result in improvements that you can measure and quantify. This program has been designed based in successful training routines developed by elite climbers.



The latest book in the performance series offers cutting-edge training for the endurance climber. Climbing Workouts launched the core training revolution with Essential Training, which broke new ground in free climbing with its intense focus on movement specific based drills, timeboxed training and pyramidal training. Now, STAMINA BOOSTER is an exciting new application of this powerful core program, addressing the special needs of the endurance athlete.


Training Worksheet Pack: 20 Printable logs including trackers, plans, evaluations, nutrition guides, schedules and mind-tools for obtaining maximum training performance.
Use this printable pack to set goals for your climbing training process, track workouts and meals, journal your progress, test your self with evaluations and set new benchmarks. This is a collection of PDF letter size printable. Print out, fill in, stay organized and motivated with your climbing improvement. 

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (5MB)
  • PDF (5MB)
  • PDF (5MB)
  • ZIP (2MB)
  • PDF (751KB)
  • PDF (648KB)
  • PDF (9MB)