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How do people experience your church for the first time? You’re about to find out.

52 Churches is the story of Peter DeHaan’s journey visiting fifty-two churches in a year and what he learned about God, faith, and how a visitor experiences church for the first time.

Each church in his travels shows us a different way of encountering God and understanding our common faith. DeHaan’s methodical approach is both an enlightening experiment and an insightful perspective on what it’s like to step through the doors of an unfamiliar church.

52 Churches doesn’t rip at today’s church. It’s not a church-shopping romp or a mean-spirited journalistic exposé. Instead, it’s a gift that offers encouragement, hope, and support to the Christian Church, along with some helpful suggestions. 

52 Churches will broaden your understanding of the church by discovering:
  • How to welcome visitors well and encourage them to return
  • What draws people in and what drives them away
  • Tips to maximize each of your service’s three greeting opportunities
  • Ideas to improve your congregation’s outreach and outlook 
  • Inspiration to move from friend-focused interactions to a visitor-first perspective
52 Churches will inspire church leaders and members to rethink how visitors experience their church and to reach out to local communities more effectively. By journeying through 52 churches, you’ll gain a better understanding of the challenges facing today’s congregations, while appreciating the diversity of the local church. 

52 Churches is ideal for leaders, members, and anyone who is ready to reimagine your church in a fresh way.

Get your copy of 52 Churches today and let your adventure begin!

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The 52 Churches Workbook