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3 Day Coding Workshop from Thangu on Oct 7,8,9

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Are you new to coding and want to learn coding fast?
This workshop helps to learn coding in a very short duration by typing or writing only 3 lines of code a day in 3 days.
You learn basics of coding using the PowerShell on your Windows laptop or computer.
What are the benefits?
1. No complex install
2. Learn to code without the need of Google

What will you learn?
Day 1: Learn the basics of coding and understand Why PowerShell. You type your first lines of code on Day 1 itself and see the results.

Day 2: Learn how you can code without needing Google

Day 3: Learn advanced concepts like Piping and accessing Objects and their attributes.

What are the Bonus you get?
Bonus 1: Extra 1 Day Free Support
Bonus 2: Free Extra Assignments to practice after end of Workshop that takes you to next level in coding
Bonus 3: Free Code Review for those interested.
Bonus 4: Free Certificate for those interested.
Bonus 5:Free STAR Printable sharing Simple Thangu's Advance Recipes on PowerShell based on 15+ years of experience in coding.
Bonus 6:Free Access to Thangu's Technical Support Group where you can ask experts advice for life.

Date 7 Oct to 9 Oct
Time: Any 15 minutes of your day to practice the assignments
Happy Coding.

For any queries, send to <>
You will get a PDF (227KB) file