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Readers Theater Unit The Magic Lake

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The Inca tale The Magic Lake is a dramatization of a Native American legend with roles for 20+ students and suitable for Social Studies studying indigenous people, South America, or in a Drama, Language Arts or reading classes. Students strengthen their reading (fluency), speaking (diction) and listening skills (restating) while learning to work cooperatively. This product was created specifically for the classroom.

The Story: The Magic Lake is an Inca legend about a little girl who leaves her home to travel to the Magic Lake to bring back magical water which is to save the prince who is sick and dying. Ampata travels with her trusted llama and two maccaw birds who protect her. She outwits a giant rattlesnake, a huge red scorpion and swarm of ferocious army ants and finds the magical water. Exciting? You bet.

This 41 page product includes:

  • Two warm ups--one physical and one imaginative, both boost energy
  • Original version of The Magic Lake--great for comparison and contrast
  • Teacher's script--what I say and how I say it!
  • Procedure--including video links and time allotments
  • Advice in directing reader's theater
  • Blocking plot for performance
  • Vocabulary
  • Who are the Inca people?
  • Photos of a Macaw and Machu Picchu
  • Machu Picchu Facts
  • Eleven page script with roles for 20+
  • Enrichment activities--designing a parrot feather fan, design of costume, designing a set, study of other Native American folk tales or a drama exercise using tableaux

Comprehensive? You bet!

This script was field tested and created by a veteran drama teacher of thirty-eight years.

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Lin Manuel Miranda Biography

"WOW! WHAT an AWESOME Resource!!!! Thanks for providing the questions, the links, a couple of different teaching options. This could be a great sub plan, but I know every teacher wants to do this lesson for themselves. Love that you finished with a great tweet from L M Miranda. Kids are gonna love THIS."

You will get a PDF (61MB) file