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Online Mixing and/or Mastering (for projects not recorded at 007 Media & Imaging Prods.)

This service is for recording artists who want professional mixing and/or mastering carried out on projects they recorded using their own studio recording gear (or third party recording studio).

Here is how the process works: The artist uploads their audio files to a file transfer service such as DropBox or Google Drive and makes the payment via the PayPal button below or on the "Booking&Info" page. After the artist's files have been made available via email download link, the songs are then mixed and/or mastered and the artist receives a "DDP image folder" (the digital equivalent of a physical CD master). 

The DDP folder provided also includes a DDP player which allows you to review the WAV files of your mastered CD, as well as extract them as individual WAV files or MP3 versions of them. Prices include up to two rounds of mix and/or mastering revisions or "touch ups."

Mixing and Mastering Notes

When a mixdown of a song consists of more than 24 tracks/stems, there is an added fee of $50. For example, if your project has 6 songs, and each of those songs have 48 tracks/stems, the mixing rate would be $300 per song


Mixing and Mastering Add On Options

If you have used your 2 free revisions you will be charged as seen below for extra revisions

• Digital Noise Reduction. $5 per channel of audio. For example, the recording of your electric guitar and bass tracks both have electrical hum that you want digitally reduced. The fee would be $5+$5=$10. 

• Editing - $1 per track, per edit. An edit is defined as moving, or fixing a sound that is a problematic part of the recorded performance. Example 1: The recording of your song has 30 tracks. You don't like the way your band played the first chorus. You want all of the tracks that comprise the first chorus to be replaced by the second chorus. The Editing fee for that would be $30. Example 2: An acoustic guitar was recorded with a microphone and a direct input. There are three locations in the recording where you want the guitar string-finger "squeaks" turned down. The Editing fee for that would be $6. 

• Importation of New "Takes" - $20, plus $5 per additional track. Example 1: Your multi-track project has already been mixed, and you subsequently record a better lead vocal take on the second verse. To re-open your project, download and import that new vocal take, match the new second verse lead vocal levels to the original mix, export the new mix and email it to you, the fee would be $20. Example 2: Your multi-track project has already been mixed, and your guitarist subsequently got a new electric guitar with a much better sound so he re-recorded all four guitar parts of the original mix and sent them in to replace the four guitar tracks of the original mix. The fee for that would be $35. If you purchased mixing AND mastering services, there is no additional mastering fee for importation of of new "takes" because the mastering settings for your mix are stored separately.

• Importation of New Tracks - $30, plus $10 per additional track. Example 1: Your multi-track project has already been mixed, and you want to add a tambourine track to brighten up the mix. To re-open your project, download and import the tambourine into a newly created mixer track, route and set its level, export the new mix and email it to us, the fee would be $30. Example 2: If your band added a saxophone player and you want his track on your song along with the added tambourine track, the fee would be $40.


Mix & Master 24 Stems


Mix & Master 24 Stems+




Mixing 16 - 24 tracks