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I Choose Self ( Self-Love Guide)

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This self-love guide is to help you become more mindful and intentional with the way you care for and love yourself. Sometimes self-love or self-care gets glorified by buying yourself luxuries or treating yourself to something else. However, when we are home alone and thoughts of self-doubt, unworthiness or fear creep in from the thought of not being enough. We can be really hard on ourselves and that negative self-talk starts to get loud. Causing us to feel anxiety, depression, and maybe even stuck asking ourselves why. Why do I feel less than others, why don't I have what it is I truly desire, or maybe even why can't I receive the love I give? 
This guide is gonna help you start your self lovery journey with confidence. Starting with positive self-talk, How to boost your mood, and how you can spend your time by yourself effectively and truly feel like you are safe and secure with your own energy, company, and love.
You will get a PDF (9MB) file
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