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The San Capistrano Book Club

Welcome to The San Capistrano Book Club - an exclusive online bookclub for fans of The San Capistrano series. There are three levels of membership to help you find your way around San Cap at the pace that suits you. Ben and Alex will be your hosts and show you all the best spots to hang out and maybe even make you a cocktail if you ask nicely. 

"Did we agree to that?" Ben looks up from his iPad, puzzled. 
"Mhmmmm," Alex murmurs. "If you'd been listening you'd know that."
"Do you know how hard it is to listen when you're so distracting?"
"Do you know you're an idiot?"
"I know I'm hot."
"If you say so."
"And I know I'm your idiot."
"Yeah, you're my idiot."

Select a membership level below to get started


per month

Seashells get a short story from San Cap delivered by email once a month and first view of any new merchandise. 


Short stories will be slice of life stories of up to 10k words set in the San Cap universe and featuring Ben, Alex, and their family. These will not necessarily be set consecutively. 


Image by dashu83  on Freepik


per month
This level has the same perks as Seashell but includes a welcome swag pack and a signed copy of The Beach House.

The Beach House - Annual membership

per year
Alongside the perks of Seashell and Sandcastle, The Beach House gives access to exclusively discounted merchandise as well as quarterly swag. You will also get a Christmas and Birthday card from Ben and Alex along with first look at any new images, merch, swag, and ... developments in the San Cap univerese.