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The Poisoner's Garden and Others: Selected Poems

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A Poisonous Flower, an Evil Doll, a Well of Memory and Dream

Award-winning author of supernatural and gothic fiction, Douglas Clegg gathers 22 of his poems for the first time ever into The Poisoner’s Garden & Others, ranging from those with a dark gothic edge to rhymes of whimsy with strange twists. Plus a Foreword and Afterword by the author. 

Included in this Volume:

  1. The Poisoner’s Garden
  2. Why My Doll is Evil
  3. The Salt of Undone Collars
  4. Swimming in Underwear
  5. Medea in Transit
  6. My Younger Self
  7. Toast to the Damned
  8. Cenote of Dreams
  9. October Wind
  10. On All Hallow’s Eve
  11. Song of Lupercalia
  12. For St. Valentine’s Day
  13. On the Ides of March
  14. Birthday
  15. Winter Solstice
  16. The Christmas Smite
  17. Elegy on a Dead Frog Found in Swimming Pool
  18. At the Station in the Rain
  19. Still Life
  20. That Hardscrabble Life You’re In
  21. Assam Tea
  22. The Crime
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