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Peace with Self, Peace with Food - EBook

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It’s not about willpower, and it’s not about the food.

Most people blame their eating behaviors on a lack of willpower.

Eating intuitively hasn’t worked.

Eating less and moving more? Trying to change your body image? These only last so long.

Many people are worried that they can never have a healthy relationship with food.

Peace with Self, Peace with Food looks past all that, and gets to the heart of what causes our battles with food.

Through her years of training and practice in trauma healing — as well as her own reconciliation with food and self — Galina Denzel has developed a program to help readers embark on their own journey to healing.

Personal and ancestral traumas inform behaviors around food, and Peace with Self, Peace with Food will help you identify patterns laid down even before you were born.

Patterns that have long contributed to your eating behaviors, and continue to affect your relationship with food today.

Through the exercises in Peace with Self, Peace with Food you will come to understand your eating habits and the neurobiological network that has held them in place until now.

What’s more, you will see food, your mind, and your body in a new light.

Not as enemies to be tamed, but as allies that can teach you how to care for yourself, and for your health, with love.

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