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Removing hard credit inquiries from your credit report requires that they meet a certain set of criteria.
Hard inquiries are basically the only inquiries to remove, as they can pose as negatives in the eye of a creditor.

What Are Inquiries?

Have you ever applied for credit? The following are some examples of activities that usually warrant an inquiry to your credit report:

Purchasing or leasing a new car
A new house
Lease on an apartment
Cellular contract
Store credit card
Personal loan
Purchasing insurance
Applying for a job where a credit check is required

There are some activities that you may be familiar with and others you may not, but all result in an inquiry added to your credit report. The entity requesting information on your behalf will usually provide you with the results, as mandated by law.

Types of Inquiries

There are two types of inquiries, hard and soft. The difference in the two lies in who requests information and the reason behind the request.

Hard pulls or inquiries occur when you, the consumer, applies for new credit. You’d have to give express consent for a creditor to view information in your credit report.

Hard pulls will verify your information, your credit score, and items on your credit report. This information is needed for the creditor to decide whether to extend new credit or not.

Soft pulls are generally done without your express consent. Insurance companies or credit card companies make these inquiries when they are pre-screening you for eligibility of offers.

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