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Your Enneagram Type During Crisis: Find Your Peace in the Puzzle

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[eBook Full-Color Special Edition Publication] - 376 pages - The Chinese symbol for crisis is made up of two characters, danger and opportunity, superimposed. During difficult times, each of us responds in very unique ways, stemming from our enneagram type. The enneagram points to the survival strategies you have learned, as it identifies patterns of behaviors and strategies for relating to the world around you. Studying it will take you further into yourself and empower your capacity for greater awareness and self-understanding. By recognizing your type, you will notice how your habits have essentially gained control of your life. You have the ability to redirect your focus of attention and move from a position of danger to one of opportunity. Afterall, “Energy flows where attention goes,” and you have the power to move from imbalance to balance. As you go deeper into the enneagram, you will discover the vast depth and brilliance it has to offer, allowing you to endure! May you find your peace in the enneagram puzzle.
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