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The ELVIS PRESLEY Computer ART of Digital POP Artist Lee Roy Brown

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By the early 1800s, the invention of the camera / photography challenged both Art & Artists. Why paint it when you can photograph it?

By the early 2000s, the evolving gauntlet was definitively thrown down again by the powerful computer and highly portable digital camera process. Now, you can create your very own portrait, tweak it to your satisfaction and send it INSTANTANEOUSLY right around the world / universe!

In his Digital Art book here, LONDON United Kingdom based Digital POP Artist, Lee Roy Brown confronts this modern dynamic and offers his comprehensive knock 'em dead response as follows...

"Elvis Presley has to be the most photographed man in all of Earth History...

Throughout his adult life, every move Elvis made was captured on camera...

Sadly, much of this Elvis imagery is of low inferior quality lacking fine detail...

And purposefully validates this Elvis Digital Art to overcome any shortfalls...

A sneer here, a mocking lip curl there, a glance characterised as defiance?

You, viewer of this unique Elvis Digital Picture Gallery are sole decipherer"...

PLEASE ENJOY these UNIQUE and INTIMATE Portraits of Elvis Presley by Lee Roy Brown.

ALL Art Work

Worldwide © Copyright 2023

Lee Roy Brown

ALL Rights Reserved.

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