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The Best of Actuary Problem Dog EBOOK

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Actuary Problem Dog* is a parody Twitter account that has been a reliable source of geeky, self-deprecating actuarial humor for over 10 years.

Actuary Rules: 1) Pass exams 2) Keep a low profile 3) Make a nerdy comment every once in a while 4) Don't recite digits from pi on first date

This book gathers nearly 500 of his best tweets navigating his hilarious journey through the actuarial exams, while working in an office and trying to avoid small talk.

"My Parents didn't talk to me about the dangers of having unprotected VLOOKUPS until I was like 20"

With a donation made from every purchase, this book will not only raise a smile but also raise money for two mental health charities.

* Not an actual dog.
You will get a EPUB (4MB) file
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