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Scales & Arpeggios For The Modern Guitarist

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After years of teaching guitar and writing out scale diagrams and instructing students on how to practice them I decided to compile my resources and methodology into an e-book. “Scales & Arpeggios For The Modern Guitarist” is the end result featuring 66 Pages of scale and arpeggio information and diagrams. It takes an in depth look at many arpeggios as well as a look at all modes of the major and melodic minor scales as well as the symmetrical half whole diminished scale, the whole half diminished scale and the whole tone scale. Each scale/arpeggio is accompanied by a page describing the contents and common uses for said scale/arpeggio as well as fretboard diagrams illustrating how to play them all over the guitar neck. Also included are practice suggestions to help students absorb the material in the most efficient and timely manner possible.
You will get a EPUB (9MB) file
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