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ANNO CETI MMXXIII - 2023 Year of Cetus

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a)Does Cetus affect anything else but oil market? 911 has Eris in Cetus sweetly at western altitude 00° 00' 00''. With Osama1 Moon * Xi1 Orionis (Stargate Moon in Orion) said event is renown for excellent timing, even planning, indeed2.
b)Cetus features among the longest zodiacal ascendants. Hydra vis-a-vis3 is the longest but Cetus is heavily represented: after all we are living within the Aeon of Cetus.
c)Where are the planets? 2022 has Venus in Scutum with Jupiter in Cetus. Valentine 2023 has Jupiter in Cetus still4.
d)Jupiter with Uranus in Cetus marked AEON CETI MMXII thus stigmatizing 2012 as original peak of the present Aeon of Cetus5.
e)Planets normally enter Cetus once or twice thus Cetus I & II, but the Moon enters Cetus thrice6 thus I II & III. Moon in Cetus III is e.g. traditionally sure to spawn the most outrageous political “decisions” as vested upon the people by the British government.
f)Cetus marks spring equinox much as Orion brands summer solstice.
g)All planets and luminaries normally enter Cetus. Pluto never enters Aries. Eris never enters Taurus.
h)After more than 11 000 years of sheer blunder, nothing is known of zodiacs as there was no astrology since e.g. ancient Chinese astronomers, diviners, wizards, black magick warlords and shamans.
i)Minor cultures and indigenous people may preserve some Egyptian or e.g. Mayan knowledge. Surely the Navajo, Cherokee; Hopi and Aussie aborigines do.
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