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How to make $1000 a month from the Internet [rev1.09]

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If you have ever wondered how to make money from the Internet then this eBook should help you.
This eBook will help you set up a passive income sideline. It is not a 'get rich quick' scheme, you will have to put some work in, but by spending a few hours each day for a few months, you can generate a steady passive income stream for very little expense and very little extra effort is needed after that. It is especially aimed at eBook writers, bloggers and people who want to make money from their hobbies or passions.
As well as some practical advice that I wish I had known when I first started, it includes some ideas which you can use to produce your own blog, eBooks or websites.
The contents are based on my own personal experiences and I disclose my earnings to prove to you that you can do the same thing too.
BTW - No extra purchase is required (most are free!), this eBook is just to give you some ideas and the best way to go about it.

Introduction 5
How to earn money from the Internet 6
Put yourself in your customers shoes 7
OK - but how can I actually make money? 9
Sell your own physical goods 9
Sell your physical services 9
Sell digital products 12
Sell other people's goods 13
Drop-shipping 13
Affiliate marketing 14
Make money from advertisements 16
Receive free goods for review 16
...OK, OK, but how do I start earning money NOW! 17
Do you have some ideas already? 18
How to get more ideas 19
Do your research! 20
Research tools 20
Use YouTube 21
Please Donate 21
Earn advertising revenue from YouTube 22
Links 22
Merchandise sales ('merch') 22
Sponsored content 22
Free merchandise 22
Patreon 22
Live Stream and SuperChat 23
Channel Membership 23
What 'assets' do I have? 24
Interests 24
Your Skills 25
Experience 25
About 'Knowledge' 26
Online Courses 26
Know your customers? 27
English 27
Type of customer 27
Always ask customers to Subscribe! 29
OK - so tell me more... 30
Where does most of the money actually come from? 30
Expenses 31
Ezoic-compatible hosts 32
Pick a good brand name for your product/company 33
Email addresses 34
Build a Website 35
Handling the money! 37
Keep separate bank accounts 37
The tax man cometh! 37
Pay via Credit Card 38
Paypal 39
Sell eBooks 40
Ideas for eBooks 40
eBook Market Research 44
Payhip 46
Stripe 48
Blogs 49
YouTube 50
Earning money from software 53
Software tips 53
Software protection 54
Pricing your software 54
Create a Website 55
Affiliates 56
Software affiliates 56
Ezoic 57
My Ezoic 'trick' to reward my customers 58
Customer feedback 59
Always respond to feedback! 59
How to start a new website 60
WordPress basics 61
What is a PHP file? 62
Hostinger 63
SSL 64
Different types of website hosts 66
Some other website hosts 67
Websites, Domain names and DNS 68
Internet Servers 69
Domain Name System Servers (DNS Servers) 70
Name Servers 72
Caching 73
Useful DNS checker sites 74
Integrating your web site with Ezoic 75
Recommended WordPress videos 76
Getting started with Hostinger 76
My Story 78
RMPrepusb software and USB drives 78
Donations (PayPal and BitCoin) 79
YouTube 79
Adsense and Amazon ads 79
Easy2boot 79
Ezoic 79 79
Blogger 79
eBooks 79
Licence for XMLtoE2B 80
Banner screen for E2B 80
More eBooks 80
You will get a PDF (5MB) file

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